Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Late Night Minutes

It's Late Night with the Pitt Outdoors Club!

It's semester crunch time… so we have some trip traps to help you relax.

Thursday 2/11 7:30 pm

An action packed date auction put on by the Pitt Pathfinders in Lawrence Hall.  You can pay to take some of the studliest studs out for Dinner, as in your very own Connor Martin, Grady Martin, Nick Penatzer, and Mike Springer, and many more beautiful people (male and female people)  So get pumped.  Money goes to relay for life  More info here https://www.facebook.com/events/1299692676723126/

Sunday 2/14

8:30-12 am.  Meet outside of Old Engineering hall.  Or up to Trees at 9 am to practice all things rolling (Kayaks of course) with Nick the Peanut.  This will be in the small pool.  Contact Nick with questions njp37@pitt.edu

From 1-5 pm, we have a nice quant day hike to McConnel's Mill, a beautiful place about 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.  Check it out and sign up here.


Sunday 2/21

12-3 pm we will venture to Frick Park, to hike… AAANNND if there's snow…. Then we'll strap on them snowshoes and tear it up!


Weekend of 27th

We have the trip to Seneca Rock (WHICH… ROCKS!).  This is an ADVANCED climbing trip.  This is for people who are confident in belaying and climbing.  Additional climbing workshops are mandatory to learn new skills.  Also, caving will be going on for this trip.  SIGN UP HITHER!


That's it,

Get ready for one heck of a fun semester,


Connor Marmut Man