How do I join Outdoors Club?
Complete the following steps:

  1. Be a current Student, Staff, or Faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh.
  2. Go to our IMLeagues page.
  3. Click the little "Join Club" button on the left side and sign the waiver.
  4. Obtain dues, either $10/semester or $20/year.
  5. Present dues/waiver to the current club President, VP, Secretary, or Business Manager.
  6. If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, see "How can I join the email list?" below.
Do I need to be vaccinated to join?
Our current policy is that you need to be vaccinated in order to go on trips outside Pittsburgh. However, you can still join and go on local trips if you are not vaccinated.

Where/when are meetings?
We meet Tuesdays at 9:00pm in front of the WIlliam Pitt Union (As of Fall 2021).

I missed a bunch of meetings and now it's really late in the semester. Can I still join?
Yes. See our meeting times above and show up. 

I can't make any meetings because I have another obligation. Can I still be in the club?
Yes. See below to join our email list and we'll send you the haps every week. 

How can I join the email list?
Follow this link and fill out the section entitled "Subscribing to Poc". We send an e-mail out every week containing the minutes from that week's meeting and sign-up sheets for upcoming trips. Meeting minutes can also be found on this very website.

How can I unjoin the email list?
Follow this link and fill out the unsubscribe section under the "Poc subscribers" heading. If you're still getting emails, contact outdoorsclub.pitt "at" gmail.com.

I have never done any of this stuff. Will that keep me from doing any of your activities?
Do not let the fact that you have never participated in any of the events the club offers scare you away. As long as you are interested in doing them, you are welcome to join. We accept people of all skill levels. Many of our current members started off never having done any outdoors activities, and now they have excelled in the activities they enjoy and are teaching others what they have learned.

I do not own any of my own gear. Will this be a problem?
If you do not own any of your own gear, it is okay. The club provides most of the gear required to do the trips we run. If by chance we do not own something, it is possible to be rented. On the opposite side, if you do have your own gear, you are more than welcome and encouraged to use it. A list of our gear current inventory can be found here. Also, visit our contacts page to find contact information for the current gear master.

How are dues only 20 dollars? Will there be more charges tacked on at a later date?
All of the trips that we run are free of charge, with the exception of our skydiving trip and a select number of other outings. The dues help pay for transportation, and to reimburse gas to the people who drive their own vehicles on trips. The only thing your dues will not cover on our trips is food, so plan accordingly.

Can I borrow gear for fall/winter/spring break or a non-club trip with my friends? How much will it cost?
Yes, and as long as you have paid your dues, the gear is free to borrow. Please contact our current gear master to see what gear is available. Club trips get first priority for rentals.

I drove my own car on a trip and want to be reimbursed for gas, how does that happen? 
Drivers for Pitt Outdoors Club trips qualify for reimbursements on gas. You must save your proof of purchase (paper receipts) and submit a screenshot of the directions to the location, including mileage. All reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of purchase.  

For any other reimbursements, or questions about reimbursements, please reach out to the Pitt Outdoors Club Business Manager: Evan Weaver (elw90 "at" pitt.edu) 

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