Every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm, there will be a meeting to discuss upcoming events and activities. As of Fall 2021, we are meeting outdoors (yes!) in front of William Pitt Union.

Any person affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh that wants to experience the outdoors is welcome to join. In order to become an active member of the Pitt Outdoors Club, you need to satisfy all the following stipulations:
  • Be a current Student, Staff, or Faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh
  • Go to our IMLeagues page.
  • Click the little "Join Club" button on the left side and sign the waiver.
  • Pay your dues of $20.00 a year, or $10.00 a semester.
If you have satisfied all of the above, all that is left to do is attend our weekly meetings and come with us on awesome trips!

In the late 1960's an informal club for outdoor adventure-type activities was established at Pitt by the late Vic Schmidt and some colleagues. The club's original name was Robin Hood's Merry Band. When questioned about how it came to have this name, Vic replied -- "It was just something that someone came up with. Actually we were glad to have ANY name, so long as it wasn't 'the Outing Club.'" Originally the club was independent of the University. All the equipment belonged to the individual members. Professor Schmidt was an eminent geologist, and caving was a primary club activity. Hiking, camping, climbing and kayaking were also important parts of the club's agenda.
Sometime later (in the early 1970's) the club became part of the Student Activities program at Pitt. The official name was changed to "The Outdoors Club," but the nickname "Robin Hood's Merry Band" continued to be used to varying degrees over the years.
By 1982, the club had a rather formal "Climbing School" every fall, with a "Graduation Climb" at Seneca Rocks in early or mid October. In the 1990's, liability concerns led to the "school" being changed to an informal climbing program to which beginners were welcomed. The "Graduation Climb" has remained as a club tradition.

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